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Steel Penis Plug
UVP: € 29,95
Jetzt nur: € 19,95
Ball Weight 15mm x 15mm - 34 mm
UVP: € 40,99
Jetzt nur: € 29,95
Lockable Double O-Ring Gag
UVP: € 16,95
Jetzt nur: € 11,95
Speculum aus Edelstahl
UVP: € 22,95
Jetzt nur: € 9,95
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Men's Suspender Belt by Svenjoyment

Anderswo: € 34,95

Unser Preis
€ 24,95

Metallplug an Mini-Lederpeitsche

Anderswo: € 39,90

Unser Preis
€ 29,95

Schwarze Latex-Strümpfe von Late-X

Anderswo: € 49,95

Unser Preis
€ 33,95

Lack-Mantelkleid von Black Level

Anderswo: € 59,95

Unser Preis
€ 44,95

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Dildo mit T-Griff

UVP: € 99,50 Nur diesen Sonntag: ????
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Doma studio is exciting, challenging and fully equipped in a luxurious and stylish atmosphere. There is a very wide variety of belts , ropes , chains , locks , whips , clamps , masks ,  sex toys , and other attributes. The suite / room has several sunbeds with possible bondage site, as well as various bondage crosses . You can also use the kinky doctor chair with leg cramps for some naughty and  exciting role.

There is a nice bathroom with plenty of towels and a  spacious double bath. There is also a spacious shower with shampoo and shower gel provided. Finally, there is a cozy seating area with a fireplace where you can just relax or recharge while enjoying a drink inspired by films of Doma TV