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Shibari: Japanese bondage

Shibari - literally translated it means "bondage" is a Japanese style of erotic union acting with the submissive is tied in intricate patterns, usually with several pieces of thin rope. Shibari differs from the western way of association acting in that instead of merely immobilizing the partner, it also should enjoy the pressure of the ropes against for example the breast or genitals firmly. Of course the aesthetics of the bound person is important. Japanese bondage is famous for - in particular - the use of asymmetric positions to the psychological effects of bondage to enlarge.

BondageJapanese medieval torture technique to sexy hobby, Japanese bondage is hot on the catwalk and a must in the bedroom. But what drives someone to literally and figuratively giving up control? And what is so exciting these origami body parts?

Bondage is a technique used in sex games and is the "symbolic sadomasochist sex ', or' sm 'mentioned. Not all bondage techniques have a master-slave clause. Also, 'pain' is not always a criterion. One can work with different materials and techniques. The shape of the moment is Japanese bondage, Shibari and kinbaku also mentioned. Japanese bondage is almost an art form and is elegantly implemented with great ropes. But a bondage with leather belts or metal chains is conceivable.

Spectacular called "suspensions", where the bound to various hooks or other systems by means of ropes hung in the air. Am not going to just try without knowledge. First Take part in a workshop. Another common use of clothing as a means of bondage. Think tight clothes, corsets and shoes that restrict freedom of movement. Much better known is the use of hand and ankle cuffs in leather or steel.

In a study of condom manufacturer Durex found that one in three Dutch people agree with some form of bondage had experimented. Especially handcuffs and blindfolds were taking popular. It is no wonder that Shibari currently quite hot.

Shibari / Japanese rope bondage and explanation here

Shibari what does that mean?

In the West we talk about shibari (Japanese bondage).
Fri Shibari means translates packing / wrapping, which is actually also what is meant by bondage.

It is a bondage that you virtually any knots used but works with coils.
When you work with shibari pressure points on the body and chakras.

bondage2Shibari is also known as a martelmetoden. By 1500 it was forbidden by the emperor in the country to possess arms.

These farmers have remained there through much of the developed shibari. This is to protect themselves against robbers and rapists.

Around this time there were Jappan china and a lot of civil wars and fighting between various clans. At that time there were assassins or: samurai. Often these men had a nice price on their heads.

These samurai were to live and these men tried to detain and question was used in shibari.

We are talking here about a torture technique. The higher the samurai how difficult the bondage had been otherwise, the samurai managed to escape and that would cost the farmer his life.

There is also an erotic side to shibari.

View kamasutra books again, some positions are quite complicated, especially if you go after certain attitudes. Draw in your mind over here and there a number of strings that would connect with each limb and then suddenly become a lot clear!

Difference between jute rope (Jutonawa) and hemp rope (Asanawa)

The real bondagelovers of this Japanese art can get the real prepared jute rope (Jutonawa) or hemp (Asanawa) at Mince.NL. This is the same bondage rope wich is being used by the Japanse Rope Bondage Performer CoCo Katsura from Tokyo for her Kinbaku-bi (緊縛美) wich means 'the beauty of tight binding'. This rope is taken care by us, so it's oiled and the small hairs are burned and pieces of 8 meter (315 inches), so complete ready for use. The set wich is offered are 6 pieces of 8 meter each.
Hemp rope produce a strong, reasonably soft rope, with high enough friction to hold a knot securely. The rope can be fairly rough when untreated, but boiling, washing, and oiling as detailed below will result in a soft rope that is perfect for our purposes. Hemp rope has a very distinctive odour, and just smelling the rope is often enough to get a rope bottom in the right frame of mind for a rope scene. Hemp tends to be the most common rope used for shibari in the West, as it is generally easier to obtain than Jute.
Jute rope has very similar properties to hemp rope, though it is a little lighter, smoother, and has a different smell. Jute rope is the most common rope used for shibari in Japan, but is relatively difficult to find in the West. Because of the darker color, it's low weight and nice ropemarks on your skin, the real specialist will probably prefer this type of rope.

Also part of the erotic shibari you work with pressure points only are these different from the torture metode.

bondage3One inch of difference lay a rope around the limb, the difference of pure delight and pure and intense pain.

So you really have to know what you want with that person and which way you want.

Further, it is important that you are not tied into joints and installed in locations where bondage is the probability that you kill vein ligation.
So a little knowledge of human anatomy is desirable.

It is also recommended to a first course or a workshop to attend shibari for you at random starts.

First start with some simple ground even before you bondage hard bondage or suspenions starts to feel good for yourself and your partner are about to take, because shibari do not only with his second!


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