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The Chinese cupping set

cupping can be an intense and pleasing experience during BDSM play.The Chinese cupping set is one of our new favourite sex toys. You'll love the variety of sensations and the cupping set fits in perfectly with your other BDSM & Fetish Toys. The cupping set comes packaged in a box which contains 12 plastic cups of 6 various sizes, pump and flixible plastic tube. It comes with everything you need to begin playing right away. Cupping began in ancient China but has adapted to be use for sexual purposes (for some). You can get glass cups and use fire to keep them on but by using plastic it makes it a safe, non breakable and easy cupping set to use. The cupping set provides an intense sucking sensation which can be used on almost any part of the body. The directions recommend keeping them on for 30 seconds to 1 minute, for traditional purposes. However, you can leave them on until the sensation becomes to intense or the skin becomes purple (we advise for safety to use them for a maximum of 30 minutes). The results are amazing with round, red marks being left behind which slowly fade away. Remember when Gwyneth Paltrow had those mysterious round marks on her?

This set is obviously originally intended as a sort of Chinese home-treatment kit. The charmingly loopy English translation of the instructions claims it will improve a whole range of conditions, including diabetes, effective Anti-Cellulite Treatment and for migraine, but we don’t need to get into the whole western medicine TCM (Traditional Chinese Medicine) debate. We can all agree it does work fabulously for what it’s being sold for here: a play toy for adult fun.

Perhaps when your partner in passion has been sucking hard on your neck, nipple, or elsewhere, you’ve wished for a second, third, and even fourth mouth on you at the same time. But you may have been shy about inviting a posse of pals to join you both. (Or you may not be lucky enough to have those kinds of friends…) Your problem is solved: this kit is effectively a set of mouths you can apply wherever and whenever you want, even for solo play.

You can start by applying a pair of the largest jars to your parners thighs. One very cool thing about this toy is that it can suck skin longer and harder than the most giving lover/devoted submissive, so if you’re the kind who likes marks as sexy souvenirs of hawt times, you’ll love the halo of hickies it can leave. From there, you can move on applying one medium size jar to each of the nipples. This can be intensely enjoyable and enjoyably intense. It will give you also fun for both to be able to watch the nipples getting darker and darker as they engorged with blood.

Enjoy advanced BDSM play with this 12pc Deluxe Cupping Set!For a finale, apply the smallest jar on the clit. While the jars had stayed well stuck to smooth areas like thighs and nipples (especially when you applied a lick of salvia around the rims), the deliciously crinkly topography around the inner labia proved more of a challenge to get an effective seal to. No matter what you'll do, you'll have a slow leak that will eventually cause the jar to fall off. So simply leef the pump attached, and periodically give it an additional stroke to top up/draw off the vacuum.

Watching the clit get sucked up into the little jar is bizarrely beautiful, and obviously erotic for her. You won't wait to try further home science experiments with this kit.”

You'll have a lot of fun trying out the cupping set and can only image how much more fun it will be. We would recommend the cupping set for anyone who enjoy giving or receiving intense sensations. It’s an easy and fun way to try something new and hot. Cleaning is easy with some soap and warm water, We wouldn’t recommend sharing the ones that you use intimately since it is made out of plastic.

Suction Cupping by Jin Kang. 


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Chinese Cupping Set , Pumpe mit 12 cups    Cupping Schalen basieren auf der orientalischen Methode. Das Saugen dient dazu um Verunreinigungen des Körpers durch die Oberfläche de... 
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