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BON4 Silicone Dog Tails



BON4 Silicone Dog Tails b4-B4012

These tails are made in 1 piece from high quality silicone material.
Please keep in mind that the butt plugs have relatively big diameters but are still a pleasure to wear due to the soft silicone.
Use a lubricant while inserting and simply boil 1 or 2 minutes in water after use.
Now you can also be someone's puppy!

Available in either black or brown  and in sizes S to XL. Please take note of the different prices per size. 

  Total Length Widest Plug part  Weight 
Small 320mm(12.6″)  43mm(1.7″)  225g
Medium  335mm(13.2″)  49mm(1.9″)  250g
Large  350mm(13.8″)  54mm(2.1″)  325g
Xlarge 365mm(14.4″)  64mm(2.5″)  510g

Compared to the silicone devices, these have a heavier feel when you are wearing one. The BON4M is serious chastity.