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Horse Shoe Ass Lock


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Horse Shoe Ass Lock


Manufactured from medical-grade, nickel-free stainless steel.

Thanks to its open, hoof-like design, this cock ring can be applied much easier and more quickly than normal cock rings. The final spheres on the end provide additional pressure on the penis and scrotum.

How it works in detail:

First, the balls are individually pushed through the hoof-shaped ring, followed by the non-erect penis. The ring is pushed as far as possible onto the body, enclosing the penis and scrotum.

Apply a small amount of lube to the stainless steel spheres. Let just the first sphere slide in. Once you feel the sphere inside you, push hit our ass lock a little deeper and just seconds later the next two spheres will disappear into your ass!

You can even enjoy this ultra-stimulating feeling while walking and running with the ass lock in place, as well as during sexual intercourse.

Cock ring inner diameter: 45 mm = 1.75 "

The massage balls increase in diameter from 20 mm to 28 mm to 38 mm. Total weight, 455g.