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Crackstuffers - Large Tree buttplug


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Crackstuffers - Large Tree

This toy has a massive 95 mm max diameter, has an insertable length just over 14 inches and weighs over 2KG.

It’s set in four stages which is a relief for some wanting to stretch. The tip (stage one) has max diameter of 44 mm, stage two max diameter is 65 mm, stage three is 85 mm and stage four is a whopping 95 mm. Circumference of each stage is 14 cm, 21 cm, 27 cm and 29 cm. The base is a whopping 45 cm circumference and an inch thick which allows this awesome toy to stand easily on its own.

This is an excellent toy for stretching anywhere from 45 mm to 95 mm. Built for comfort. The inclines are all smooth and gradual.
Lenght: 38 cm. (15 inch) 


  • widest 29 cm. (11,5 inch)  
  • narrowest 14 cm. (5,5 inch)
  • base 46 cm. (18 inch)

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