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Zeus Electrosex Deep Intruder


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Electrosex Deep Intruder by Zeus #AB120

Take e-stim penetration and pleasure to a new level with the Zeus Electrosex Deep Intruder!

Many individuals and couples are finding out that electrosex can be a stimulating and enjoyable form of sexual activity. The use of small electrical current to contract the muscles, and stimulate the nerves, have contributed to great sexual pleasure and have given individuals hands-free orgasms. The Zeus Electrosex Deep Intruder allows for a more probing method to enjoy e-stim.
The handle on the Deep Intruder allows for easy insertion and use. With a cockhead like tip, the Deep Intruder can be inserted deeply into your favorite anal or vaginal opening. As a bi-polar product, you can attach it easily to your favorite power box and send small flows of electricity through your partner. The sensations can be deep, meaningful and impactful

Zeus Electrosex Deep Intruder Specs and Benefits:

  • Size: Measures approx. 14.5" (36,8 cm) in total length, 9" (23 cm) of insertable length and 1.5" in width
  • Enjoy the deep penetration using a cockhead like tip
  • This product is compatible with all Zeus power boxes and with our small adaptor on all other powerboxes.
  • Send small currents through your partner, contracting the muscles and stimulating the nerves
  • The handle makes the Deep Intruder easier to penetrate and use
  • This is a bi-polar product. It will plug directly into a power box and not require a second accessory present to operate

Zeus Electrosex

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