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Elektro 4-Bulletdildo


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Electro Sex 4-Bulletdildo by Rimba

Enhance the pleasure of anal sex with the Rimba Electrosex Anal Plug!
This is a conical high polished aluminium butt plug with a maximum diameter of 1 inch / 24,5 mm, beautiful quality dildo for connection on Rimba's, My-Stim or Zeus Electrosex Powerboxes.

Many individuals and couples have discovered the sexual pleasure of electro sex. The pulsations that they enjoy can cause intense pleasure and, for some, mind-blowing orgasms. The Rimba Electrosex Anal Plug allows users to enjoy e-stim anally.
The plug fits easily into the anus and uses the power of your power box to create electrostimulation. The plug uses a tapered base for a snug fit and prolonged use.

Fits on the Rimba Powerbox: 7850, 7880 en 7890
For connection on the My-Stim Powerbox, you'll need the adaptorwire Ri-3001 (€ 3,95).
For connection on the Zeus Powerbox, you'll need the adaptorwire Xr-KE110(€ 3,95).

  • Length: 6.4 inches / 16,3 cm
  • Maximum size: Ø 1 inch / 24,5 mm.
  • Color: Silver
  • Material: aluminium

Rimba - Bondage and SM
Quality product from Holland

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