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The 7.5" Vac-U-Lock Dildo


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The 7.5" Vac-U-Lock Dildo by Doc Johnson

When you're in the heat of a good fantasy, you might not want to look over and see a cock that looks nothing like the real thing. That might be a mood breaker. However, this vac-u-lock dildo has the size, look and feel of an actual penis. You could just lay back, close your eyes and imagine getting a good fuck from the person of your dreams. The Vac-U-Lock dildo is one element to helping you achieve the most realism.

Specifications: The dildo is made of a quality jelly rubber material. It has a lifelike cockhead and balls base. You can even feel the veins that run along the shaft. The dildo measures 7.5" in total length and 1.5" in width. The channel inside the dildo is 3" deep.

The Bottom Line: You'd need to go 6.5" to bottom out and reach the balls base of this dildo.


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