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Realistic Suction Cup Dildo Jack (Skin)


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Realistic Suction Cup Dildo Jack (Skin) by Delfi Toys

If you like toys that are lifelike in both size and texture, the "Realistic Suction Cup Dildo Jack" 19 cm (7,4 inch) dildo is the perfect toy for you. Crafted with dual skin layers, this realistic dildo has a solid inner core and a soft, silicone coating for extremely lifelike stimulation. Ideal for anyone who enjoys a realistic skin texture combined with an average length and girth, this skin-safe TPE dildo is guaranteed to satisfy you. This "Realistic Suction Cup Dildo Jack" features a strong suction cup made for easy, hands-free penetrative play.

Color Skin
Material Phthalate free TPE
Suitable for Unisex - Suitable for anal and vaginal use
Waterproof Yes
Batteries included No
Length 19 cm
Diameter 4.5 cm
Vibrating No
Brand Delfi Toys


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