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Doma Live 4


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Doma DVD Productions presents: Doma Live! 4


Club Doma is the place to be if you're into fetishism where femdoms are busy into cock and tit torture. Her slave in this film (Marcel) endures all manner of torture, from whippings to caning. Pulled out of a cage, Mistress Catja immediately takes control of Marcel as he's bound to the ceiling as and later to a table for an excruciatingly painful session of pins and needles being stuck in his penis. To crown off her achievement, Mistress Catja then attaches birthday candles to his sore penis and lights the wick afire. As the hot wax drizzles down the candle, one can hear the muffled screams of a tortured soul. But no doubt you'll get a kick out of this action!


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