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ElectraStim Jack Socket Electro Stroker


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ElectraStim Jack Socket Electro Stroker


Vibrating sex toys can be fun but they often leave you wanting more. ElectraStim toys work differently. Instead of stimulating the surface of the skin, the electro stimulation targets the nerve endings beneath.

The result is an erotic tingle and deeply arousing muscular contractions that cause your most intimate areas to throb and pulsate with pleasure. ElectraStim “Jack Socket” Electro Stroker Prepare for an all-new electro sex experience with the ElectraStim Jack Socket Electro Stroker.

This revolutionary men's sex toy combines the unmistakable sensations of e-stim with the intensely pleasurable stroking action of a realistic male masturbator.

Apply electro conductive gel (included) via the side ports to ensure the ultimate stimulation. Then lubricate the sleeve/penis and slide inside, using stroking, squeezing and twisting actions to adjust speed, pressure and intensity of massage. Use your ElectraStim stimulator to adjust the strength and pattern of the electro sensations that make your cock throb and pulsate.

The internal sleeve is made from a realistic TPE material that moves and feels similar to skin. The internal 'Electro-Intense' texture features full and thick bumps that expertly massage your full length and the open-ended design allows personal and couples interaction.

A unique orgasmic experience awaits with our unique ElectraStim Jack Socket Electro Stroker.

Pack Contents

  • Stroker case and internal components
  • Non-anatomical realistic inner sleeve
  • Protective storage/dust caps
  • 60g tube of electro conductivegel
  • Sample of lubricant
  • Instructions (EN, FR, DE, NL, ES, IT)

ElectraStim stimulators sold separately. Replacement inner sleeves available. Care Take apart to clean with water followed by an antibacterial sex toy cleaner.

Dust TPE inner sleeve with cornflour/corn-starch after cleaning to maintain suppleness and extend life.


  • Inner Sleeve length (open-ended): 100mm (4")
  • Orifice minimum diameter: 25mm (1")
  • Orifice maximum diameter: 45mm (1.75")
  • Connector Size: 2mm (adapters available for 4mm systems)


  • Medical grade platinum cured silicone outer sleeve
  • TPE realistic feel inner sleeve
  • Conductive rubber inserts

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