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Shorox Flogger (36 Tails)


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Shorox Flogger (36 Tails) by Fetish Company - Russian Whips


Original Flogger from the Whip-Master Shorox consists of a rigid braided handle and a tail consisting of wide strips of soft calfskin. Number of tails are 36 pieces. Thickness and structure of the skin, this refers to the soft flogger Warm and working. Its advantage is that they can hardly hold back in any kind of influences within the safety and long enough to work with a large amplitude of impact. This long work is used primarily for heating (beginning flagellation). However, with inexperienced masochists who have problems with the release of endorphins, flogerom can work during the session.


Length: 28 inches / 710 mm.
Weight: 9.8 oz / 280 g.
Tails: 36.

shorox F040

The first operational raid in the world BDSM’s camp was made in 2004. This event is reviewed in detail in the section Venus exhibition in Berlin.
From 2005 to this day we has presented in our stand Russian whips with brand name of Whips from Russia in exhibitions in London, Berlin, San Francisco, Munich,
You may read about exhibitions in the respective sections of the site.
As a result of this activity many BDSM theme-based companies all over the world are familiar with the brand name of Whips from Russia.

Whips with the BDSM Logo printed on the end of the handle are made by the Russian Whipmaster Shorox himself.

 Exclusive Russian Whips

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