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Classic bull whip (black) by Fetish Company


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Classic bull whip (black) by Fetish Company ru-k021

This bullwhip has the same rigid handle as our other whips. Its body is relatively long (nearly 2 meters, or 6 feet) and has silicone core inside. This whip is woven from soft calf leather and ends in a soft leather fall. We left out the cracker, for safety reasons. The knot on the end is soft, the fall lashes are about 120 mm long.

This is a heavy whip, and was designed for point hits, rolling and wrapping strokes.

Hand Woven Short Single Tail of the Russian whip masters at Fetish Company, the best there is!
  • Length: approx. 2000mm
  • Grip length: approx. 230mm
  • Diameter (from base): 30mm