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Classic bull whip (red) by Fetish Company


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Classic bull whip (red) by Fetish Company ru-k021red

This bullwhip has the same rigid handle as our other whips. Its body is relatively long (nearly 2 meters, or 6 feet) and has a silicone core inside. This whip is woven from soft calf leather and ends in a soft leather fall. The cracker is left out for safety reasons. The knot on the end is soft, the fall lashes are about 120 mm long.

This is a heavy whip, and was designed for point hits, rolling and wrapping strokes.

This handwoven classy red bull whip from the hands of the Russian whip masters of Fetish Company is sure to leave a lasting impression!

Red classic bull whip (approx. 2000mm)
  • length: approximately 2000mm
  • Grip length: approx. 230mm
  • Diameter (from base): 30mm