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Irish-8 Hamburg-8 Leg Iron


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Irish-8 Hamburg-8 Leg Iron by Kubind #KB-926

Hamburg Irish 8 Leg Iron Cuffs made by KUB. These are new and include one key. These anclecuffs include a Hamburg Locking mechanism - a great look and very secure! The Hamburg-style key is not a standard handcuff key and will only work with this lock. Do not lose the key or you will be out of luck! These are handcrafted cuffs made of nickel-plated brass. They are heavy but comfortable, and a very unique addition to your collection. These replica antique handcuffs are sold as a novelty item.

  • size (inside): standard (high 92 mm/ width 72 mm)
  • Weight: 3.00 lbs - 1,36 kg
  • Finish: Nickel 
  • Key: One Hamburg Key

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€ 79,95
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