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Magnus 1 Inch Magnetic Kegel Balls


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Magnus 1 Inch Magnetic Kegel Balls by Master Series

Enjoy internal sensations with the Magnus Kegel Balls

The benefit of kegel balls is that with regular use, you can tighten your vaginal walls. This results in deeper, intense pleasure when being penetrated by your partner. The Magnus Kegel Balls offer that benefit, through two magnetized balls.

Slip them inside and use your PC (kegel) muscles to keep them in. The motion of the balls will also induce pleasure-packed sensations making them enjoyable to use no matter where you are.

Magnus Magnetic Kegel Balls Specs and Benefits:

  • Size: 1 inch in diameter
  • Material: Metal coated magnet
  • Color: Grey

These magnetized ben-wa balls offer pleasing internal stimulation
Regular use can result in vaginal tightening, leading to more enjoyable sex