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Shibari Rope Bondage Ring


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Shibari Rope Bondage Ring by Master Series

What you are looking at is not a humongous cock ring (and if you could use it as such, all we can say is wow!). No, the Shibari Ring is a piece of suspension equipment used during Japanese Rope Bondage. You use it when you're suspending someone using rope. Bottoms get great pleasure from the pressure of the rope, the suspension itself and the squeeze of the bondage apparatus against their skin.

A suspension ring allows for more even distribution of a person's weight and contributes to the safe enjoyment of rope bondage play. When used correctly, your sub will become part of an exquisite piece of art when it's all setup.

The ring is made of stainless steel bar stock and has a 0.68" (1,7 cm) diameter. The inside diameter is 7.88" (20 cm) and the inside circumference is 24.8" (63 cm). The ring weighs a total of 2.25lbs (1 kilo)

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