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The Training of O 17 - Training Beretta James Day 2


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The Training of O 17 - Training Beretta James Day 2


Applicant Profile  Weight: 105 lbs. Measurements:: 32-24-34 Height: 5'5''   Fears: Name calling, degradation, electricity, and failure   Strengths: Stamina, composure, and pain endurance   Weaknesses: Emotionally labile, easily distracted, and is verbally quiet   Trainee ID: 004.     Observations: She seems eager to please and is excited to be trained, but lacks confidence. Also, she seems very nervous, which causes fidgeting and a lack of conviction when answering questions.   Recommendations: Sadistic tests of her pain tolerance level to see how she processes pain, as well as how her composure is during said testing. Find out what her reservations are about electricity and work to overcome her fear of it. Work on building her confidence and focus.   The Queen of sadistic torture has arrived to assist in finding 004's limits. 004 is inspected by Aiden and it's easy to see she admires 004's beauty. The one disadvantage to our trainee, is that Aiden will not be swayed by her beauty, and makes that clear instantly.  004 is statuesque with her composure so far and we want to find what it takes to change that. We want to break her down, so that we can build her back up the way we want her, which is a well trained slave.


Directed by:
Starring: Aiden Starr and Beretta James
Media: Original pressed DVD 5 - NTSC - 16:9 - All Region
Running Time: 65 min - Fetish & extreme bondage DVD Movies