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Cock and Ball Crusher


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Cock and Ball Crusher by Kink Industries #MO106

For intense ball-crushing play, pick up this acrylic board, it offers a pressure-filled experience for the receiver. To use, simply place the cock and balls through the larger hole in the back of the board. The cock can then be placed through the second hole, letting it avoid any pressure to be placed upon it. Use the two included screws/wing nuts to close the board. The board can be closed all the way down to 1" of space apart or as wide as 1.75" of space apart. As the board is tightened, more and more pressure is applied to the balls.

Both front and back plates are made from durable clear acrylic. Both plates measure 7" in length and 5" in width. The cock hole measures 1.75" in diameter and the ball hole measures 2.25" in diameter.

Kink Industries - MO106
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