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Prison Cage with Cum-Thru Penis Plug


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Prison Cage with Cum-Thru Penis Plug

Being able to keep your male partner from obtaining a full complete erection can be a source of sexual enjoyment for both partners. This chastity device not only keeps him from becoming fully erect, it includes a urethral insert to make sure his cock stays restrained and penetrated from the inside. Using the urethral insert makes the device virtually inescapable.

* Cage length: 45 mm
* inner diameter: 34 mm
* Plug length: 50 mm
* Plug diameter: 6 mm
* End bal diameter: 8 mm
* Cum-thru diameter: 3 mm
* 45 mm bolt ring  
* Plug can not be removed from the cage
* Copper padlock with key
* Weight: 160g

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