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Pubic Enemy Chastity Cage


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Pubic Enemy Chastity Cage with adjustable ring diameter and cage length

If your slave seems to be getting too big for his britches, this chastity cage will prevent any unseemly erections by keeping the problem in full view — and under lock and key.

Both length and diameter are adjustable, depending on dick size (see specifications below), and the cage is secured by either the metal padlock or a zip-tie style, single-use plastic closure. 

 Product Details:

 • metal body

 • Cage length: 3.2 inch / 82 mm, up to 3.7 inch / 94 mm - use the 4 mm adjustment spacers 

 • Inner cage diameter: 1.3 inch / 34 mm up to 1.9 inch / 47 mm at widest point

 • Inner clasp diameter: variable in 6 steps, from 1.3 inch / 33 mm to 2.0 inch / 52 mm

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