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The Training of 'O' 78 - Anal MILF Training - Day One and Two


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The Training of 'O' 78 - Anal MILF Training Holly Heart
Day One and Two 

Day 1, Holly Heart and Owen Gray - The Training of O is where the slaves do the work, and I expect so much more from Holly Heart than the others. She has been here before. But she has become sloppy, complacent, inattentive. And she talks too much. There is much work to be done here.

Anal MILF Training Holly Heart Day One

Day 2 Mickey Mod and Holly Heart - Miss Heart thinks she has this on in the bag till I have my gimp fuck her in the ass while I beat the shit out of her with a a cane. Then, she remembers the rules. Tsk, little MILF, Don't disappoint me again.

Anal MILF Training Holly Heart Day Two

Directed by:
Starring: Holly Heart, Owen Gray and Mickey Mod 
Media: Original pressed DVD 5 - NTSC - 16:9 - All Region
Running Time: 120 min - Fetish & extreme bondage DVD Movies