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Drunk Sex Orgy - Pussy Blizzard


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Drunk Sex Orgy - Pussy Blizzard

Batten down the hatches (whatever the fuck that means) cuz there's a blizzard a-comin'! A Pussy Blizzard, that is! Slide into the latest Drunk Sex Orgy party, where the DSO crew gets snowed into the club! Lucky they've got all the important provisions: lots of booze to keep warm and lots of grade-a snow bunnies to keep everyones' cocks wet. That's right we've scored some of the hottest pieces of ass this side of the Alps as these babes spread open wide to take the nearest pole to the hilt in their tight dripping-wet pussies! And the ass-tapping action doesn't stop until the dudes grab the nearest cutie and blast a hot load right in her face, or in her gaping spunk-starved mouth. This DVD is so hot that by the time this is over there'll be nothing lets in the club but a big puddle of salty jizz-covered poonany, so get in while you can! 

Playtime: 120 min
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