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Syonera Von Styx' Folterkabinett - SM Studio Berlin


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Syonera Von Styx' Folterkabinett - SM Studio Berlin

Syonera von Styx uses her slave as a human doormat before she enters her dungeon. She makes him polish her shoes with his tongue and then kicks his balls until he kisses the dust. To comfort him she allows him to lick her bare foot and shoot his sperm all over it. As she steps into her white cabinet to examine a new slave, she catches her maid Vivia red-handed as she treats him with a strap-on cock. That will have serious consequences. But before that Syonera rinses the slave´s ass thoroughly with a large enema syringe and plugs him with an inflatable balloon. The maid has to assist her in milk the slave and is then punished with a huge dildo until she squirts. Finally Syonera stages her own lust-theatre and directs her maid and another slave to perform various raunchy practices. After the slave had to penetrate Vivia’s ass and cum on her buttocks, Syonera makes him lap up his sperm and Vivia has to piss on him.

Playtime: 116 min
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