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Crackstuffers - Small Tree buttplug


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Crackstuffers - Small Tree

Awesome quality. The tree range is really large. This small tree weighs over a kilo. It has 4 stages, the first bump is 38 mm diameter, followed by 48 mm, 64 mm and 74 mm. So for a small toy its massive. Great anal stretching toy. The base is 30 mm thick and has a 108 mm diameter.

For serious ass pigs! This toy is great for stretching, or for enjoying every ridge along the ride!

  • Height: 23 cm (9")
  • Circumference: 
    - widest 23 cm (9") 
    - narrowest 12,5 cm (5")
    - base 35,5 cm (14")
  • Weight 855g

Made from high quality blue vinyl, suitable for water or silicone based lubes only.


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