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Doma Club Night 3


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Doma DVD Productions presents: Clubnight #3


Welcome to club Doma. As a warm introduction to the club we will give you a tour and introduce you to everyone that works here. Then, after that, we will take you into the dungeon where you will be whipped, clamped, strapped down, and made to feel generally uncomfortable. Then afterwards? Punch and pie. Enjoy!

Two live recorded SM sessions. A very strict Master plays horny games with his slaveslut. She enjoys his teasings very much as you will see. And Mistress Dominique, assisted by slavegirl Angela plays with a slave that is not enjoying the tortures. Untill the leather and rubber comes out. Chainbondage, breathcontrol, nippletorture and more fetish and SM than you think is possible


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Approximate Running Time: 00:53:50


Doma DVD Productions presents: Clubnight #3