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Traditional Japanese bondage rope


6 x 8 mtr. Traditional Japanese Jute / Hemp bondage rope

This is for the real bondagelovers of this Japanese art. Now you can get the real prepared jute rope (Jutonawa) or hemp (Asanawa) at Mince.NL. This is the same bondage rope wich is being used by the Japanse Rope Bondage Performer CoCo Katsura from Tokyo for her Kinbaku-bi (緊縛美) wich means 'the beauty of tight binding'. This rope is taken care by us, so it's oiled and the small hairs are burned and pieces of 8 meter (315 inches), so complete ready for use. The set wich is offered are 6 pieces of 8 meter each.
Hemp rope produce a strong, reasonably soft rope, with high enough friction to hold a knot securely. The rope can be fairly rough when untreated, but boiling, washing, and oiling as detailed below will result in a soft rope that is perfect for our purposes. Hemp rope has a very distinctive odour, and just smelling the rope is often enough to get a rope bottom in the right frame of mind for a rope scene. Hemp tends to be the most common rope used for shibari in the West, as it is generally easier to obtain than Jute.
Jute rope has very similar properties to hemp rope, though it is a little lighter, smoother, and has a different smell. Jute rope is the most common rope used for shibari in Japan, but is relatively difficult to find in the West. Because of the darker color, it's low weight and nice ropemarks on your skin, the real specialist will probably prefer this type of rope.


Ropes are supplied without label!

Rope is 6mm

traditional Japanese rope Asanawa for bondage Shibari, Kinbaku-bi

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