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Pixey Charge - Wireless Massage Wand


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Pixey Charge - Wireless Massage Wand

The new Pixey vibrators are available at Mince.NL These powerful vibrators will surely be a product that will satisfy your customers. The Pixey vibrators are available in seven different varieties, under which the new Pixey Future and the very popular Pixey Exceed.The first down-sized model of the super popular Pixey Massage Wand series is now wireless. The Pixey Charge is a similar size to vibrator you'll find on the market and same size head as the original Pixy Mini. Its plain outer exterior hides the great power it possesses. The compacted head vibrates with amazing power and speed and is also flexible for greater versatility.

  • This wand massager is rechargeable and thus does not require batteries!
  • The Pixey Charge massager has the perfect combination of power and size.
  • Do not submerge the product under water (the massager is not water proof)
  • Diameter: 4,5 cm
  • With its flexible head and wireless body you can use the power of Pixey whenever you wish!
The new Pixey vibrators are available at Mince.NL

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