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Electro Stimulation Gloves


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Electro Stimulation Gloves by FM Electrosex

Electrify every touch with these conductive gloves!

Electro-play has never been as connective and intimate as with these unique accessories for your electro Power Box. Explore further realms of electro-play with the Awaken Electro Stimulation Gloves. Introduce your lover to the conductive energy of your caress as your fingers roam their supple skin. For sensation play enthusiasts, there has never been a more exciting tool. The sensuality created by these comfortable gloves will leave their body shivering in anticipation of every touch. Plug in both gloves to leads that connect to your powerbox, and prepare your partner for a shocking experience! Five pairs of latex gloves are included to make sure that you don’t receive the current and your lover receives every tendril of electricity. Massage their body with electro stimulation Gel to increase the strength of every tingling jolt. Use both hands to send power coursing through every part of their body! Customize how your partner feels electrical stimulation with these innovative gloves from FM Electrosex.

Awaken Electro Stimulation Gloves Specifications:

  • Measurements: 9 inches in length and 5 inches wide, unstretched. One size fits most.
  • Material: Fabric, metal, latex.
  • Note: Leads and powerbox required to operate, not included. Both leads must be connected for gloves to work.

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