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Inflatable Body Bag


Latexa BDSM toys are all glued and topquality Latex Inflatable Body Bag by Latexa #3319

It has a long zipper at the back to enter the rubber-cocoon. Seven horizontally reinforced fitted fabrics and adjustable latex straps are used for fixation of the subject and forcing him/her into absolute motionlessness. Furtermore there is a round genital opening approximately in the middle for certain games... glued quality- Latex thickness 1mm

Worn with 3209 mask.

  • Latexproduction: Glued latex
  • Latexthickness: 1mm
  • Latex standard colors: black, red, semi-transparent.
  • Latex special colors: white, olive green, blue metallic, pink, smokey gray, lila (+5% surcharge)

For this rubber- and latexclothes you will find the matchinglatexcare products in our erotic onlineshop, e.g.shine, polish, siliconeoil, cleaning, dressing aid or talcumpowder.


  • X-Small
  • Small
  • Medium
  • Large
  • X-Large (+5% surcharge)
  • XX-Large (+8% surcharge)

Latexa Article no 3319
Latexa  -  Fetish quality products from Denmark

Latexa colours


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