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Aneros, The Original Male G-Spot Stimulator

The Aneros is a hands-free, internationally patented device specifically designed for prostate, or Male G-Spot stimulation. Using no batteries or electronically induced vibrations, the Aneros transforms the body’s own energy into amazing sensations. The mechanism is simple, but extremely effective.

Aneros, The Original Male G-Spot StimulatorThe Aneros can also be used to great effect during traditional sexual encounters. During oral sex and traditional intercourse, when the man uses the Aneros he will be harder, last longer, have better control. His prostate will empty more fully during ejaculation, which means a more intense and satisfying orgasm. This increased sexual performance is a great secondary benefit for the partner as well. The Aneros is a great way to explore and expand your intimacy with your partner.



These instructions are a good baseline for your sessions with the Aneros. We encourage you to experiment with different positions, breathing exercises, relaxation techinques, and methods of arousal. And remember, the Aneros is hands-free. First, learn how to prepare for an Aneros session.




1. To insure hygienic operation, make sure the rectum is empty before use. The rectum is generally empty, but we recommend rinsing the rectum with a rectal syringe – commonly available at your local pharmacy.

2. Lie on either side and bend the knees close to the stomach. This is intended to allow you to relax and to best orient the massager towards the prostate.

3. Apply a liberal amount of lubricant to the anus and to the Aneros Massager. You can do this using your finger. A generic lubricant applicator or Aneros Marksman lubricant applicators are good options here as well. This step is important because the Aneros functions best when suspended within this fluid environment. The Aneros will actually be moving, pivoting, inside your body. This is a key to its effectiveness.


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