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The Domina Files

Welcome to Mince's DVD site of the DominaFiles!

Mistress Cara - Studio ChelseaThis is our DVD site for the exciting and informative new DVD series, The Domina Files! Quite literally ripped from the pages of world-renowned BDSM contact magazine, Domination Directory International, The Domina Files documents the fascinating professional lives of whip women the world over, both of yesteryear and today!

Here you are personally introduced to many generations of dominatrix. In the Classic Domina Files department we revisit the sadists, disciplinarians and fetish divas that brought men to their knees throughout the 1950's, '60s, '70s & '80s. These reports begin with the matriarch of the professional dominance scene, Mistress Monique von Cleef and carry forward with further vintage biographies. These will all appear in a timely fashion sequenced with our monthly DVD releases.
Lady Riva - Domina Files
DominaFiles is even more excited to introduce you to today's Dominatrix through the medium of video! These bizarre and unusual purveyors of kinky fantasies practice their craft throughout Europe, North America and Austral-Asia. Therefore, we fly our Domina Files camera crew around the globe and into the private dungeons of the kinkiest ladies on earth!

Turn the clock back and read about great Dominas from the past in our free Classic Domina Files bio gallery. Turn the clock forward and purchase any and all of the Domina Files DVDs from our easy-to-use webshop! After all, if you can't travel to her let us bring the thrilling BDSM action of her unique dungeon right to you!

So, enjoy this exciting new fetish media project brought to you by the publishers of DDI. We hope you enjoy our Domina Files DVDs as much as we enjoy bringing them to you!


SPI-TDFv47 - The Domina Files - volume 47
€ 29,95
Featuring Mistress Gina - Studio Dominesque - Turnhout Belgium   Above an American style bar located near the Belgium city of Turnhout Mistress Gina cracks the whip and subjects two male and on... 
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SPI-TDFv17 - The Domina Files - volume 17
€ 19,95
DVD The Domina Files 17 with Mistress Manita   Nestled idyllically on a converted barge at the, 'Zaanse Schans" amongst the windmills and tree-lined canals of the Netherlands, the floating dung... 
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dvd-vol15 - The Domina Files - volume 15
€ 19,95
The Domina Files - volume 15 A double feast at Studio Avalon in Berlin - see the final episode of the world famous dungeon in the Kantstraße in the centre of Berlin where Madame Charlotte shows... 
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SPI-TDFv6 - The Domina Files - volume 6
€ 19,95
The Domina Files 6, rubbersession with Mistress Winnifred   Mistress Winnifred - Amsterdam, Holland Ordered to clean the loft space of his Domina's fantasy chamber, this errant slave finds hims... 
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SPI-TDFv5 - The Domina Files - volume 5
€ 19,95
The Domina Files 5 with Mistress Shane & slave Juno   Mistress Shane, Aartselaar, Belgium Nestled in the rural suburb of Aartselaar, near Antwerp, Belgium, internationally-known professiona... 
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