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OXBALLS Toys are made of pure silicone, platinum medical grade silicone, and are distinguished by their distinctive designs and colors. The toys of Ox are odorless and are easy to clean. If desired, you can even wash these toys in your dishwasher. You can disinfect them with a sex toy cleaner. Because OXBALLS toys made ​​from medical grade silicone, they will not start to irritate while wearing.

View our collection of cock and ball toys from Oxballs. Order today your favorite toy of OXBALLS and you will see and feel the added value that this cock ring or ballstrecher give your private parts.


DU-134004-134005-134006 - Pig-Hole Fuckplug Tar Black
€ 65,95
Pig-Hole Fuckplug Tar Black by Oxballs There are a few hollow butt plugs out there, but none as stupid hot as PIG-HOLE…shaped so it fits your hole like it was custom fit…made from OXBAL... 
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DU-133836 - Black Cock Sheath Turbo
€ 52,95
Black Cock Sheath Turbo by Oxballs TURBO: Open end, with nubs all over it… Made of premium FLEX TPR, these extenders add size but go on easy, thanks to the super stretch...Color: blackAls... 
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Du-133770-133772-133774 - Fuckler cockring
€ 29,95
Fuckler cockring by Oxballs FUCKLER is a thick silicone cockring, not too tight…but with squirmy “fingers” that fondle your balls…wank or fuck while wearing FUCKLER--it feel... 
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Du-134102 - Oxballs Urinal Gag Ultimate Black / Yellow
€ 256,95
Oxballs Urinal Gag / Piss Gag Ultimate Black-Yellow   Including strap, tongue-, ball-, long- and short-tube gag inserts!!!OXBALLS strap-on URINAL piss trough.... 
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DU-133792 - Sacksling Clear Electro
€ 109,95
Sacksling Clear Electro by Oxballs New! SACKSLING ELECTRO...made of super soft, elastic, stretchy FLEXi-SKIN...our exclusive Silicone/TRP hybrid...We took our original design, COCKSLING and morphed o... 
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DU-cocksling-2 - Cocksling 2 by Oxballs
€ 28,95
Cocksling 2 by Oxballs   COCKSLING-2 ...our best selling toy, hell, we invented it!  Now with better fit--reshaped openings with more material in high-stress areas...all new super-fle... 
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Du-134862 - Do-Nut 2 (Large)
€ 3,80
Do-Nut 2 (Large) - by Oxballs   A super-strong cockring will keep you boned and ready--built to last, this is no wimpy jelly-ring...this is a super-elastic pushes what you got up ... 
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