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bipolair nipple clamps


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Bipolair nipple clamps for electrosex Powerbox


2-pin clamps with gold plated contacts. Content: 2 clamps, Rimba Round Plug - bi-polar clamps

Length: appr. 150 cm

These bipolar, conductive body clamps cause tingly and sensual feelings on nipples, labia and other parts of the body. The bipolarity of the clamp ensures that only the zones between the two halves are stimulated - this enables especially intense and consistent stimulation. This means that you can stimulate both nipples at the same time, without any danger of leading electricity through the heart.
Fits with our adopters on all powerboxes.

Please, never use without Electro stimulation Gel, art. no. RI-3000

Scope of delivery:

1 pair of bipolair electrosex nipple clamps

ElectroSex cables and accessories by Mince.NL

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