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Full-color Corset Catalogue (A4, 50 pages) from Erotex


Watch the complete collection of the famous German Corset makers. Erotex corset are front fastening corset with back lacing. For the best fitting shape the corset is with a steel busk with springy spirals in the lining all the way round to give that wonderful hour glass shape. These beautifull Corsets are availeble in Satin, Silk, Jeans/Denim but also in genuine Leather.


You can find the whole range of Erotex Corsets in this Catalogue:

  • ET-EC001
  • ET-EC002
  • ET-EC003
  • ET-EC004
  • ET-EC005
  • ET-EC006
  • ET-EC007


Erotex produces also accessoiries like long satin and leather opera gloves, Corset top with broche, the real authentic (from the fifties) nylons with seam, Corset suspenders, Corset Laces and more....


Erotex katalogus

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