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For You as commercial Mistress/Master:

  • 10% discount off our already low prices!

  • 10% credit on your account for every purchase of one of your sub's

  • Free commercial contact advertisement on Mince.NL

  • Free commercial profile page on Mince.NL

  • Link banner exchange on Your website with Mince.NL (36.000 visitors/day!)

You can order Your slaves to buy their (or Your) BDSM articles at Mince.NL (online or in the shop). If they indicate that this is in Your command you will receive in your account for each purchase 10% credit on your account. On this way, You can for example save for a bondage workshop, a telle slave Cage, an exclusive Russian whip, or a latex corset ......

Your credit is always vissable in Your account and will never expire. If you make a purchase online Your amount will automatically be reduced with Your credit. If You make a purchase in the store, you can reduce Your payment with your saved credit.

It is very important that your sub at a purchase / order indicates that this happens in Your order, otherwise we can't know that it comes from You, and we can't Increase your balance on Your account.

For this service you don't have to pay anything and Your contact announcement remains free.
The only thing we ask is a banner from Mince.NL on Your site or on a social media site (eg. Facebook, Twitter) and we put Your banner on Mince.NL.

We offer You as Master / Mistress also the oppertunity to add Your profile page where you can describe Yourself as commercial Master / Mistress. You can mention Your website address, Twitter account, Facebook page or your phone number.
An example of the profile page can be found on the link below:

Complete the form below to Register;

Once the registration is received, you'll receive our banner / link. Once the link is placed, the *10% discount for you and *10% balance of the invoice amount of your slaves. Your slaves are paying the regular price and *10% of the invoice amount (excl. Postage) will be credited to your balance.
Visitors who visit Mince.NL by a link or banner on Your website or social media (facebook, twitter, etc.) will reach us by Your ID wich is sent along with their possible order so then we know that the order comes through You.

Let Your sub for safety always mention in the comments / commentary box that they buy in your command.

VFor any questions please call us during business hours or visit the store.

The *10% discount doesnot apply to SM-furniture, StudioGum and My-Steel

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