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For lovers of latex, it is a wonderful experience to bear. After purchase you'll want as quickly as possible, enjoy your clothes, but do latex clothes from the start properly. Latex is a natural product and care are nice and in good condition to continue.

Basic Maintenance

Make sure you never latex in the sun or near a hanging, here it dries out and sunlight can fade. Save your latex preferably at a temperature of below 26 degrees at night and preferably in a protective garment bag. Make sure you avoid contact with latex oil and oil products, massage oils, oil soap, body lotion, body creams, deodorants, perfumes, etc. Latex can not dictate and may be a chemical or allergic reaction. Also metal, may also interact with latex. Some bright colors may be brown latex stains under the influence of sweat or metal objects (especially nickel and copper). Also white and transparent latex discolor over time and get a yellowish color. These discolorations are inherent in the material and are not going to leave, but here is no guarantee.


Put on latex

To attract latex garments to facilitate you pure talcum powder (no additives) used on the inside of the garment, or a silicone-based lubricant to use on your body. Do not pull too hard on your clothes and take care of (long) nails and jewelry, once torn latex difficult to recover. To be beautiful shine latex can use a silicone spray. Follow the instructions for care of latex closely. If you go to parties you may bring a washcloth to your latex occasionally able to brush.

Cleaning and storage

Latex should be cleaned immediately after wearing latex so it can not further affected by sweat, etc. Rinse the garment in lukewarm water, possibly with a little mild soap or detergent latex. Soap or detergent is not necessary, but easier to remove stains and odors. Make sure your clothes well after washing dries up, to prevent staining, and note well the zipper (if any) because if not properly dried, the adhesive release. After washing, latex you treat this in two ways. The first way is to do good in latex powder with a generous amount of talcum powder and then off to hang out in the dark. The other way is a silicon-based-care use. Solve this in a few drops on a bowl of water, immerse the garment well and dab it afterwards with a well squeezed washcloth that in the bowl of water with silicone solution is immersed. After you hang up your clothes. With this method you do not need latex to dry after washing, and the advantage is that you do not need the clothes to clean if you want to attract a next time.

Latex CleaningLatex Cleaning_talk poeder

Disclaimer: latex is a very fragile natural product with great care and must be maintained. does not warrant or accept liability for discolouration or damage to latex clothing.



La-3006 - Latex skirt
€ 79,95
Latex midi skirt with split by Latexa #3006 Latex Midi skirt with split, moulded Material and made of 0,4mm thick Latex.Skirt without latex top ( La-3039), see beneath for these. Latexprod... 
In stock, immediately available In stock, immediately available
la-1194 - Latex Catsuit
€ 179,95
Latex catsuit by Latexa Catsuit with 3/4 legs and zipper through crotch, moulded/glued Color:black/red/white/blue-metallic/pink/transparent/smoky-grey/olive-green Size:XS, S, M, L, XL, XXL, ... 
Currently out of stock Currently out of stock
ft-01-04 - Feitico Harmonia Mask
€ 200,00
Feitico Harmonia Mask ft-01-04 Harmonia is a latex mask with two latex pigtails. These are removable and allow you to wear the mask with its own hair or even to combine them with different colored&nb... 
Currently out of stock Currently out of stock
ft-01-03b - Feitico Peitho II Mask ft-01-03b
€ 175,00
Feitico Peithlo II Mask ft-01-03b Peitho is a two-color latex mask with a synthetic hair ponytail. The hairpiece can be removed, allowing different color combinations with other latex/synthetic ponyt... 
Currently out of stock Currently out of stock
ft-01-01 - Feitico Aphrodite Mask ft-01-01
€ 145,00
Feitico Aphrodite Mask ft-01-01 Aphrodite is a two colored latex mask with heart shaped face. The zipper is fully lined with hair protection. We only use premium Latex made by Radical Rubber un... 
Currently out of stock Currently out of stock
La-3233 - Latex Bodybag
€ 219,95
 Latex Bodybag by Latexa #3233   fully glued quality product from Latexa Denmark. Latex strenght: 0,6mm Colors: black, red, white, pink, transparent, metallic blue, smokey gray and olive g... 
Currently out of stock Currently out of stock