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Care tips for leather garments:

Leather clothing is extremely strong and very durable.
However, this does not mean that it should be maintained.

Below a number of maintenance / cleaning tips for leather clothing.

• Never wear leather clothing for activities involving oil, paint or corrosive agents are used.

• Watch out for alcohol and urine. These substances are highly corrosive to learning and should be removed immediately.

• Dust off your leather clothing arranged so that the fabric is not dry out the leather.

• Always hang your leather garment in a well ventilated area.

• Hang your clothes always get a hanger and never in plastic.

• Removing Wrinkles learn by running to wear them. The body heat causes the wrinkles disappear.

• Clean leather with only the best stuff or have it done by a learning specialist.

• Never dry leather in the sun or near a heater, but in a ventilated place.

• Watch out with jeans / denim clothing. This is harder than most leather (smooth leather) surfaces and can deliver.

• Never rub too hard when cleaning the leather.

• Cleaning of learning involved (in addition to selling products very well with baby shampoo diluted with warm water. Undiluted or in very dirty clothes.
If you really want to pamper your leather clothing by clean or water-repellent face professional means you are advised to take a look at our Accesssories, maintenance department.


• Gloss Spray leather cleaning Leather maintenance spray for gloss on leather outfits and accessories.
• Leather wax - Wax Leather Original Bijenwax



All about leather | Different types of leather

Leather comes in many versions. We use Yahoo for leather clothing and attributes. Leather is naturally a very high quality fabric. Leather is extremely strong and durable. Today we know much different types of leather. Below is a list.

What is meant by smooth leather?

Smooth leather are generally all types of leather with a smooth surface. These include among others:



• Nappaleather
Covered, full-grain, usually chrome tanned, dyed leather. This contrasts with vegetable tanned Nappa leather. This is normally not painted. Vegetable tanned nappa back to the natural brown. The advantage of Nappa leather is very good resistance to damage. The disadvantage is that it feels a bit stiff.

• Antique Leather
Covered leather by pressing looks like it has retained its old style. Antique Leather is mostly 2-color or tint to tint paint. There are many different types of antique leather, all with their own identical print.

• Semi aniline leather
Doctrine, that the addition of a small amount of pigment dyed aniline dyes. It is natural does not print hidden. Semi Aniline Leather is not as sensitive as aniline leather.

What we mean by rough leather?

With rough leather bedoellen all leather with a rough surface. These include among others:



• Suede
Learn formed by slitting a skin with a velvety surface.

• Nubuk
A solid, to the grain surface or ground veal leather also with a velvety surface.

• Buffalo Leather
Leather made of buffalo hides, usually on the grain side light cut.



  • Fake leather, Skaileer?

leather / fakeleather is a combination of different plastics such as polyurethane / polyester and sometimes look and feel like real leather. Skaileer is actually a plastic that get printed on fabric. This plastic can be printed different prints. Often it and print selected very similar to real leather. Yahoo is to use vinyl lingerie sets, chairs, couches, handbags, shoes and more. Skaileer Most species do not absorb moisture and are made of PVC or PVC-polyurethane combination.


ET-EC005-LEI - black imitation leather underbust corset
€ 117,50
Erotex black imitation leather underbust corset Sexy black imitation leather underbuste corset, made of an impossible to set apart from real leather substitute! Lined from the inside with 65& pol... 
In stock, immediately available In stock, immediately available
HG-3221 - leather Knee boots with laces
€ 142,00
5" high heel Knee Boots with laces by HG-Leather Creations Black Leather boots of quality workmanship from HG-Leather (made in Holland) with 5"/12cm high heel, available in sizes 41 Because they are... 
In stock, immediately available In stock, immediately available
Xr-st560 - Leather Hogtie-set
€ 24,95
Hog-tie set Real leather. 
In stock, immediately available In stock, immediately available
NL-SJB1 - Leather lined straitjacket
€ 599,00
Fully leatherlined specially by NLleather designed cowleather straitjacket Only for those who are serious about bondage and simply want the best. Functional, strong yet very comfortable. Inside very ... 
Currently out of stock Currently out of stock