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Ball stretchers with two eyebolts

Ball stretchers with two eyebolts - BHS-055-056-057
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Ball Weights for CBT - Stretching your pleasure possibilities! - Kink Industries


Warning.. this device can cause huge erections! Lock him up with our devious wrist to cock locking restraint. The combination of his hand so close to his cock but without the ability to fully stroke his member can create serious hard ons. Every time he moves he will struggle against his restraints pushing and pulling on his cock and balls. The more you stimulate and tease him the more he will pull.

There are so many scenarios possible with these ball stretchers: You can add on the ball crusher or ball weights shown below. Tie his arms around the back and then use rope to secure it to his balls or add a crop and make him move.

Ball Weights for CBT - Stretching your pleasure possibilities!
These best-sellers are designed to perfectly to fit around the scrotum and provide the user with the ultimate stretch. They are made from chrome plated brass and feature some unique features that make these our most popular ball stretchers!


kink industries


Ball Weights for CBT - Features:
These ball stretchers are the easiest ball stretchers you will ever put on! The ball stretchers open at each end and can be seperated with the use of an allen wrench (included in shipment) which allow the user to wrap these around their balls instead of slip them through. This makes for a very comfortable and tight fit.
The tighter more comfortable fit also lessens the likely hood of the stretcher "popping off".
Two eyebolts that are included with the ball stretchers attached via screw can be used to attach a wide array of objects such as ropes, weights, cuffs, etc...the possibilities are endless! (But remember to be gentle with the balls when exploring the possibilities.)
Is designed to be used with the optional ball crusher attachment below.
Sizing the Ball Weights

Combining weights together can allow you to obtain different sensations and amounts of stretching. The ball weight on model is the 16oz size. Additional hanging weights, as seen in picture, are not included. They can be purchased separately below.

size  weight Ø outside Ø inside thickness
small 180 gr. 2 3/8 inches (6cm) 1 3/8 inches (3.5cm) 1/2 inches (1.2cm)
medium 320 gr. 2 3/8 inches (6cm) 1 3/8 inches (3.5cm) 1 inch (2.4cm)
large  500 gr. 2 3/8 inches (6cm) 1 3/8 inches (3.5cm) 1.5 inches (3.6cm)
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Kink Industries
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