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ElectroSex NeonWand 230V/10W Purple

ElectroSex NeonWand 230V/10W Purple  - ri-7849
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ElectroSex NeonWand 230V/10W Purple 

Spark up your sexlife with this fantastic new violet wand - finally one which is easy to use and affordable! NeonWand Kit includes: Electrode & attachement socket.Glass electrode attachement are the Electrode Comb, Mushroom Tube, 90º Probe and Tongue Tube

The Neon Wand is a popular device from KinkLab from Los Angeles that creates an electrical discharge across the surface of the skin. The electricity produces sensations over a broad range, from a pleasurably warm tingling, to more intense, focused sensation that some find painful.

Two things control the level of sensation. The first of these is the setting you choose on the Wand itself, which has a dial to adjust the intensity of the output.

The second factor that controls the sensation level your partner experiences is the electrode you choose. This kit contains four different glass electrodes: a Comb, a Mushroom Tube, a 90 degree-angled Probe and a Tongue Tube. The different gases caught inside the hollow glass electrodes light up in various colors: red, blue or purple, so choose the kit with your preferred color.

All different electrodes have a different surface area that contacts the skin and as a result, they provide a wide range of sensations and sampling them all is part of the enjoyment of this device.

Electric ray wands were originally developed in the early 20th century as quack medicine cure-alls. Vintage ray equipment are collectors' items today... What makes this Neon Wand different?

33 x 21 x 6 cm
European plug 220V

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