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The Aviator (S)WINGS of FREEDOM

The Aviator (S)WINGS of FREEDOM - AV-29092012
AV-29092012 AV-29092012 AV-29092012 AV-29092012 AV-29092012

The Aviator (S)WINGS of FREEDOM


The Aviator is a new type of erotic swing, meant for the private user, the hobby and the professional user bdsm clubs and bdsm scene and houses. Also, this swing is very popular in the gay circuit. The swing is a very high quality swing, which is in many ways distinct from all previously appeared on the market swings. The three support or straps are made ​​of high quality leather, with inside, lambskin. This feels very special about the swing. The filling is a very soft and resistant (Tempur) foam material. From this same quality, also, when d'Luxury model supplied wrist and ankle cuffs. In addition, this swing than 1 point suspension but a 2 point suspension. This has encouraged the ever turning circles effect and the wobble also lost. The swing hangs by these 2 point suspension, very stable. A perfect alternative for the bondage sling.

The Aviator comes in 2 variants.

  • The classic model, where one can sit right. Here one can possibly with wrist cuffs, additional securing opportunities.
  • The D'Lux model, where, just new to all other cast swings forward in lie. Face down so. Additionally it is by default supplied additional wrist and ankle cuffs, stuck in the swing. This is one very generous, but also well stabilized, allowing game and acts in all shapes, easy to carry.
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