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The Training of 'O' 84 - Sophia's Lessons - Day One and Two

The Training of 'O' 84 - Sophia's Lessons - Day One and Two - KINK-TTOO-084

The Training of 'O' 84 - Sophia's Lessons - Day One and Two

Day One, Owen Gray and Sophia Locke - She was everything I wanted. Hot, lots of sex, she took care of herself and our place. But things changed, she became lazy. I didnÕt know what to do. Then I met the Trainer, and he turned things around for my lazy girlfriend. Day Two, Mickey Mod and Sophia Locke - Sophia was a lazy girlfriend. TodayÕs lesson begins with a rope suspension and a firm cane stroke to set our rules of engagement. She then has a chance to show us what sheÕs learned about processing pain and pleasure as we send her into orgasm overload.

The Training of 'O' 84 - Sophia's Lessons - Day One and Two

Directed by:
Starring: Owen Gray, Sophia Locke and Mickey Mod
Media: Original pressed DVD 5 - NTSC - 16:9 - All Region
Running Time: 117 min - Fetish & extreme bondage DVD Movies

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