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The Chastity Key Safe


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NEW: The electronic Chastity Key Safe

Lock your partner up, but don't throw away the key!

Tease them with this see-through safe with a timer that allows you to decide how long they'll be begging for. A perfect place to store the key to your slave's chastity device, your slut's favorite vibrator, or anything else you want to deny your partner until they've earned it. Your naughty pet better deserve it by the time they get their privileges back.


"Do you actually think that's something I would so easily forgive, slave?" I say to him, locking the chastity device in place. Sometimes I think there's nothing more beautiful than a flaccid cock in a cage. "This cock belongs to Me. What makes you think you have any right to play with it without My permission?" But the look on My slave's is even more precious, nervous about what I'll do next to punish him. I hold the key up in front of him and grab his face hard to look at it. "This is going the safe for three days! And you know what that means, you pathetic little man." I slide a hand down his chest to tweak a nipple and he groans. I know that cock will be straining against its cage to get hard, desperate for release. "No matter how good of a job you do eating My pussy, neither of us will be able to get this key out once I set the timer." He shouldn't have touched his cock… or rather, my cock!

The Chastity Key Safe Specifications:

  • Size: 6.25 inch / 15,9 cm width x 6.25 inch / 15,9 cm length x 3.8 inch / 9,8 cm height
  • Timer Duration: 1 minute to 10 Days
  • If your sub removes the batteries, the timer will start up again, beginning at the original timer :D
  • Use this to make sure your partner's can't escape until you say so
  • Deny your partner and put their pleasure on your terms

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