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TOTAL ISOLATION - colored black contact lenses


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TOTAL ISOLATION - colored black contact lenses


Give in to your partner, submit to your wildest fantasies.

You can feel greedy hands roaming your body, you can hear excited soft moaning and quiet voices, you can smell the scent of lust, taste the salt on your tongue - but you can't see a thing. With all your other senses in overdrive, you're guaranteed a much more intense experience than ever before.

The slightest touch, the quietest whisper, even the subtlest scent becomes incomparably intense when blindfolded.

But blindfolds are usually not strong enough to allow you to live out your boundless fantasies. Some light comes in anyway, or you catch a fleeting glance out of the corner of your eye - ruining the mood and the moment.

Our solid black contact lenses promise intense experiences that far exceed the possibilities of a blindfold. Total isolation, total darkness guaranteed.

MEOTEAM's " TOTAL ISOLATION " contact lenses make this possible. It makes no difference whether your eyes are open or closed - utter darkness is guaranteed. They are comfortable to wear, and easy to insert and remove.

High quality, long term lenses, CE and ISO certified.
Curvature radius 8.6 mm - 14.5 mm diameter, water content 42%

A special opaque surface guarantees maximum darkening. For care and disinfection, we recommend the standard products for normal contact lenses available in any drugstore.