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Abuse me / Fuck me - Restraint


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Abuse me / Fuck me - Restraint - MEO ® 



This Nasty New Bondage device locks your wrists behind your back and then with an adjustable leather strap connects your cock & balls to your wrist. Everything locks, so there is No escaping. Every movement of your wrist pulls on your Cock & Balls. The 2” (5cm) Leather Lined wrist cuffs are very adjustable. Besides tightness on the wrist, you can also adjust how far Apart the wrists are from each other. On the closest position together…the wrist are just about touching each other. On the furthest position they are about 4” (10cm) apart….so you can vary the comfort of your boy’s arms….With this one piece you can have your boy begging for release in no time, or make sure he doesn’t break for hours!!! The strap that goes from the wrist cuffs down between the butt cheeks to a soft garment leather locking cock strap is Very adjustable. Again this allows the wrist to be pulled down tightly to the balls or give more space for a little more comfort…assuming you’re concerned about that. This piece comes with all Six ‘Keyed Alike’ padlocks. For Solo Bondage play, after locking the cock strap in place …just adjust the wrist cuffs big enough so as to be able to tightly slip you hand and wrist down into the cuffs behind your back. It’s much easier to slip them INTO the cuffs then to be able to Pull them back out again. Quite effective, but yes, you can get out of them with some struggling. However, if someone else puts this piece on you…there is no getting out.


Meo: makes you come