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Ball Flask - MEO ®


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Ball Flask (CBT Toy) by MEO ®


A fiendish alternative to ball weights. Ball Flasks are hollowed out 316L surgical stainless steel canisters which affix to a specially designed ball collar which is attached above the male orbs. When located, the balls are imprisoned inside a steel jar. Additionally, the Flask has a removable base plate from which a "u"-shaped hanger is attached. Additional weights or securing chains can be added, or else with the plate removed access attained. The Crusher press is an optional accessory. With the base plate removed, the press screws into the bottom of the canister and pressure can applied. Please be careful with this device - it is intended for sophisticated enjoyment. Dimensions: Inner diameter 36 mm (1 2/5"), outer diameter 75 mm (3"), depth 78 mm (3"), weight 1.100 gr (39 ounces). Advice: As an additional feature hereto available: MEO-Crusher Press! After detaching base plate, the torture tool can be screwed into the steel cylinder thus resulting into maximum pressure!


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mb-4133 - Crusher Press
€ 87,00
Crusher Press by MEO ®   A fiendish addition for Ball Flasks. With the base plate removed, the crusher press can be fixed into position to apply pressure on the captive testicles.    
In stock, immediately available In stock, immediately available