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Latex gloves

papstar 100

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Medical Latex gloves by papstar

Latex Gloves Papstar deluxe (100 pcs.)

These powdered latex gloves are made of natural rubber.
Experience the comfort of these thin and hard-wearing gloves even while wearing them for a longer time.
They are thiuram-free for allergenic reasons.

Papstar Latex gloves are a good all round glove for everyday tasks that require a high degree of feel and sensitivity. The popularity of latex gloves stems from a good overall strength, they are generally favoured for their tactile properties and resistance to a wide range of chemical solutions.

  • Great strength and sensitivity
  • Good chemical resistance
  • Textured fingers offer excellent grip
  • We sell sterile latex gloves as well - great for medical procedures where there is a greater risk of infection
  • Close comfortable fit makes these gloves ideal for regular use
  • The main raw material of natural rubber makes these gloves extra stretchy
  • powdered
  • Medical grade AQL 1.5
medizinische Handschuhe

Suitable For: Many janitorial, care home and nursery applications, such as cleaning or changing pads and nappies and for non-invasive medical procedures like washing patients and treating chronic wounds such as leg ulcers. Also widely used in the home, for keeping hands clean when performing messy and smelly household tasks.

1 box = 100pc

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