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BHS-050 - CeeBee-3000 BHS-050 - CeeBee-3000 BHS-050 - CeeBee-3000 BHS-050 - CeeBee-3000 BHS-050 - CeeBee-3000 BHS-050 - CeeBee-3000 BHS-050 - CeeBee-3000 


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Chastity cage CeeBee-3000


Adjustable and extremely secure this device will keep you--or your partner--from achieving a full erection or masturbating all while letting you view the penis through the clear device. Now combining the cage design of the CeeBee-3000 and the ring design of the CB6000 to form the ultimate lock! Three comfortable flat-designed interlocking rings connect to the cage with a locking pin resulting in a chastity device that is lightweight durable and extremely comfortable. Also featuring a contoured shape holes for ventilation and an opening for urination the device can be worn with the included plastic lock to avoid setting off metal detectors. Tease and control your lover as the key holder or submit to the thrilling restraint of wearing this chastity device!

This is not the original CB3000 but very accapteble compared with it's price. Of course we also sell the original CB3000, see beneath.

Ring 1    50mm
Ring 2    46mm
Ring 3    43mm
Ring 4    40mm
Ring 5    36mm

34mm - 37mm diameter cage
± 74mm length cage without ring
± 98mm length ring to end cage

without plastic Lock Pack for chastitycages

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In stock, immediately available In stock, immediately available