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Chastity Device CB-3000


The CB-3000 is one of the later designs in our line. Some of our customers wanted a size mid-way between the CB2000 and The Curve and choose therefor the CB3000. We listened to our customers requests and have brought you this exciting new male chastity device. The CB3000 represents the natural lines of the penis. It is extremely transparent which makes it very intriguing while being worn. The slope makes it virtually undetectable under clothing. Take the time to find the right sized cuff ring and the proper spacing to get the exact custom fit. We highly recommend using baby oil/jell or a similar product after showering, applying to the penis with a cotton swab. This allows the penis to naturally move up and down in the CB3000 cage portion. After this has been accomplished you should be able to wear it 24/7 for indefinite periods of time...1 months, 3 months...wearer and Keyholder ultimately determine the period of time! The material is a highly durable polycarbonate. It is very light weight which adds to the comfort. It is vented with slots allowing natural air drying. The design also allows for hygiene when bathing. Use a soapy sponge or cloth to allow the soap and water to clean the interior of the cage. If traveling, make sure to wear a numbered plastic lock on your CB3000 if going through metal detectors. It has been reported that some men have worn the brass padlock and have not had any ‘alarming’ experiences, however, the plastic lock on the CB3000 is still recommended.

Material CB3000: Highly Durable Polycarbonate

One Cage:
* 3" in length 1 3/8" inside diameter cage

Five different ring sizes:
    1 1/2" I.D.
    1 5/8" I.D.
    1 3/4" I.D.
    1 7/8" I.D.
    2" I.D.

* Locking pins and spacers
* One brass padlock (Two keys)
* Five individually numbered plastic locks
* One handy black zippered carrying case
* Numbered plastic locks

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